Thursday, July 18, 2013

Delayed post..@@

 Here comes the second post for The bF'S 2nd birthday bash party.This time,we have 5 Aries babies celebrating together.One of the reason why i'm kinda broke during March.Over splurge.:)But since we are in a family,everyone's birthday will come .It's just sooner or later:) The venue were suggested by me again.While searching online for dining places,i came across Teeq!Have you try it?
All my pretty lovely babes with my brithday girl,Chloe the one sitting in the center:)

Cassie babe and i

Please excuse my hungry face as i've waited for the food for almost like half an hour.Is it every fine dining place serve food with low speed?Almost starved to death.LOlx.

This is what i ordered.It tasted sooooooooooooooooooooooo damn gooooooddd!!!!Worth the wait after all.By the way,all my friends feedback about their own food is simply perfecto!Perhaps one day you can try it out yea ??Highly recommended *thumbs up*

 Wheee!!Birthday cupcakes!Isn't it lovely ?I purposely ordered for the 5 of em' but Gena didn't managed to turn up:( Thanks Eileen babe for the help.If you are interested with the cupcakes,you can always log in to Facebook and search for Eileen's bakery.I was pretty lucky the cupcakes are still in good condition because i was in a rush and i need to make sure the cupcakes doesnt fall while im speeding.><
The birthday kaki's and i.After the birthday song,yay!!!it's time to put on our masque!The idea was suggested by the birthfay girl Chloe,the masquerade theme!Obviously we didn't put it on while eating,people might think we are phys co,lolx..

Happy Birthday once again

Till then ...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On the 22nd Of March 2013

Happy moments just passed very quickly.Especially you had so much of fun,and the next thing you wake up,u gotta work,back to reality.Especially when you are at overseas,having a great time avoiding working stress,the next thing you find out it's the last day you have to get back home ,wake up the next morning and soon to realized it's working life again.How s*cks  ain't it ?

When i talk about this,oh well definitely because i had fun with my bf and company for the past few days.Why ??Because it's His birthday!!:)

We had His first advance birthday celebration at Tamarind Hill.Frankly speaking,besides the cozy and nice environment,i don't think the food is nice.Ranking from 1 to 10 (1 is bad- 10 is good )...i would give a 4..How sad yea .But neways,we had a good gathering with His secondary friends gang.

 It started of with appetizers,sorry didn't manage to take the close up picture of it because we waited like more than half an hour for the food.Really almost starve to death.The appetizers are on the table.Saw it ?This is my first time there and yeah of course i'm the one who recommended the place as people are posting about Tamarind Hill and i find it quite nice for dining so off we went to try.The moment i look at the menu,my mind just went blank don't know what to order and there came the waiter giving suggestions either to order separately or we prefer dinner set.We decided to call for dinner set.Here's the main dishes that we had that night:)
 Tiger prawns
 Mince meat stir fried with basil leaves
 Beef ..Everyone who tasted said its nice.I don't eat beef so i've got no idea how it taste like.Or perhaps if i have eaten the beef,i would give more marks on the ranking..keke
The fish is quite fresh tho.

All the dishes above is served with rice.Basically it's Thai Cuisine.Looks yummy isn't it from the pictures.:D.Okay la ,most probably because i feel it's a lil overpriced and it made me feel it's not worth at all.Of course you can visit someday,if you are looking for romantic place for dining with your another half.It's highly recommended.

 Look who is getting old here.Keke.It's the mixed flavor cake from secret recipe.Atleast we can try out different different flavours.When we ask the guys to pose see what they do....=.=

Okay a better shot  :)With the guys
And the girls:)
Will continue with his second birthday celebration at Teeq.A dining place i love most.Stay tuned:) Thanks for reading. <3 p="">

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Something for you to listen,like and share

Chatime my all time favourite:) It has been a trend and yet im still not immune to it.In fact not to say addictive but once in a while,really craving for Chatime.Thanks bro for sending me *Classic hazelnut,ma fav flavour*early in the morning while im working.Where to get such brother eh ?:)

What's up for todays post?Not about event but something regarding musics that my good buddy recorded.Yes,he is my buddy Wee Ting ..Sounds familiar?I know most of you who have interest in musics or always catch up those singing competition on tv like Astro,NTV7 or etc,you might happen to see him.So this is mainly to introduce my potential friend to you..:) why say so?

He has a pair of good voice.Don't believe?Please switch off all the musics around you,silent your surroundings and turn on the speaker LOUD to play the videos below:) TQVM

Wo De Ge Sheng Li-Very popular song indeed.I'm sure you know how to sing it too eh?What do you think about his first cover?Not bad right..??Lets play the next video..

Wee is specialized in Jazz.Well of course not only knows how to sing Jazz but he is pretty good at all sorts of musics just because of his talented voice,im pretty impressed and proud of him as a buddy.And finally he came out with his own covers..Yayzzz..
Outdoor shooting.Budget but nice feel...How How How??He can sing pretty well right?

Awww.Finally a duet song..I know right there's plenty of people who can sing but not many people really put in efforts towards their dreams and career.So here's my little request..if you like his voice or if you feel he is your type of tea..hehe..or perhaps HIS HAIR!because it is done by THE HAIR FACTORY which is my hair studio,:)please go to his fan page don't just stalk but remember to LIKE okay?:) Let us support local music.Besides,there are a few more of his covers which i cant post it here..keep error..but you can check it out in his Fb aight?

Here's his facebook page.. Please click HERE .From there you will see all his covers.Help to SHARE it out okayz??:)Thank you very much                                          

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I know right i still have another post about Italy which is still pending.I still haven't receive all the photos yet.So don't think i wanna do it now because i can't wait to share my experience with you during FMFA2013:)Woots!And by the way,do i really look that young with my pony tail?Received comments saying i look like a small girl.@@Even my boyfie said so. Yes or no?I have to admit im not young anymore as age is catching up but at least looking young is a compliment i suppose?:x

So here we are in Sepang International Circuit.First day for FMFA2013.Wheeee!!!:D *excited* jumpjump!!I still missed the fun in Zoukout 2012 which held in Singapore.Since then,i'm in love with rave party.Initially it's my second time for rave and i guess it's something new for me because they are playing TRANCE on the first day!Not a super hardcore trance kaki tho,but i can accept any kind of musics.No music,no life!
Pretty last minute plan this time.Decisions made like two days before?Lucky there's still tickets available.Or else i will sit and cryyyyy T.T That's us above and another two more boys helping with the snappie:)
The boys.All seems so ready to partay!!We reached kinda late tho,due to the traffic and also the parking.It freaks me out to see the cars all lined up at the side of the devider..I was so worried that i need to walk miles.Lolx.Lucky us we found a parking not far from the entrance.Eventually,we missed out the front part but it's okay.Why??Cause somebody just appeared in front of our eyes when we join in the crowd / ^.^ / Just nice..Woohoooo
Ta dah!!!Everybody is cheering for Armin Van Buuren.Guess that's what everyone waiting for.Won't do so much on the talking.Pictures time!! :)
 Me :: Chloe:: Cassie

Say peace

Simon and ma' boy <3 p="">
High,high,high up the skies~~
Photobomed by the black..Gosh..
Bling bling balloons were released in the air...XXpop pop popXX So lovely especially the purple colours..They atcually put the LED inside.

My Chloe babe

Finally a group picture.We left around 1am ish.Totally exhausted after that.Oh yes,we left out Nigel in the picture because he went and get his car.Overall the night was pretty fun especially looking back all the photos.I still have hundreds of photos in my camera but of course only select the pretty ones:)
I didn't go on the second day so don't wait for my day2 post yea:) 
Lastly,selca pic to end the post...c yea..

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The interview:)

*Heart Beating fast* Interview gonna start anytime soon.It's my first time experiencing talking to the camera in front of people.With the spot lights on,mic on,here we go..3,2,1, ACTION!

I hope i did well.:)Just sharing my dreams and experience throughout my life after high school.Oh yes before that sorry for the bad image.It was kinda last minute as i am super busy with my salon at that time.Didn't manage to put on make up and get my hair done.Straight sit and interview.Lolx.Well,to me customers comes first.Do you know i have this habit of not dolling up myself when i work?So it's always i look better when im on holiday or outings rather than in my own salon.Lolx.Nah,as long as my customers like and satisfied with my skill.Is okay to not look good.Lolx.I just want to be tidy.Well,of course in future if i receive any interview session again,i will concentrate on my image because somehow it is still important to look professional in front of the camera.:)

I dream,and i always do.It is pretty clear from what you heard from the video above.Passion and patient.I believed many young people out there hate what they are doing.Or perhaps,they abandoned what they study and change thier job from time to time most probably they can't find any suitable job.I love doing Hair.I love what i am doing right now.I love fashion.I love make ups*only for people,not for myself*.Lolx.I've got very sensitive skin and the most important thing i'm super duper lazy in removing make up.So that's one of the reason why most of the time you see me taking picture or go out with naked face:)

When we were in primary,very common title for essay is "What's your ambition?"It's always teacher,lawyer,doctor,etc...Well maybe that's what the parents thought them.Study hard,next time be doctor,lawyer can earn alot alot of money.Yes it's true!But how many people achieve what they wrote and wanted to be when they grow up.It started when i reached secondary school,i have this ambition to be a stylist or fashion designer.I told myself,when i graduate,i will ditch Sejarah,Add maths,Physics all aside and concentrate on how to deal with peoples hair in order to make them look beautiful.So sorry to all my teachers,it's not that i want to waste all your efforts but i just love FASHIONS.:D HAHAHA.. Monash is where i go for college.Though i'm sure of what i want for my future,friends keep persuade me to take up some studies first.Worst come to worst if i failed to do hair dressing i will still have a cert as a back up.After trying one sem,I HAVE TO GET OUT FROM COLLEGE LIFE!lolx.People,when you are sure of what you want,just go for it,decisions are yours.Always remember don't waste your precious time.So i started early when i was 17 i enrolled my course at A Cut Above academy.Of course i quit Monash foundation year after that.:)

Life is good so far.Waking up feeling motivated.I can't predict what am i in future but atleast i never forced myself and never regret till today.So happy with what i am doing now.If can i will try to make things even better.*greedy little monster*Now you know what my career is And same thing goes to you.Hope you enjoy what you are doing.Just sharing a little part of me:) C u!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ciao!!!it's what i learned in Italy.meaning hellow:)
Gong Xi Fa Cai folks.Hows life doing??Chinese New Year is about to end.For those of you who followed my FB and Insta,im pretty sure you know how much i enjoyed myself in Italy yea.This year's Chinese New Year i didn't get to have reunion with my family cause i was in a hurry to the air port.Thought i can catch up reunion lunch at 12pm but ended up parents work till late.I flew on the eve itself.In fact,i spent time with the bf's family throughout the whole week.So the first thing i touched down Malaysia,DINNER WITH FAMILY!That's how much i missed em':)

It's my first time paying a visit to Europe.Never knew i will have the chance to go because whenever i plan for a holiday,Europe and US is exceptional.*well,i've been to Las Vegas before tho*Lolx.Maybe the fare or what i don't know,but it's been a great experience travelling around Italy.Besides the 18 hours of flight+transit,overall was good.I will blog about it in the next post.Just be patient with the pictures:)Whenever you talked about Europe,Italy,London,etc,first thing in mind is SHOPPING!Now i understand why people get crazy over the branded goods over there.Super cheap like almost half of the price in here,Malaysia.Couldn't blame them for the stupid taxs and shipping cost.Oh yes,i bought a few for myself and family as well.Lucky they love what i bought for them.:D

A day where every couple waiting for.V DAY!!! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Extra bonus for Valentines this year.It falls on the 5th day of Chinese New Year.So i had my time with the boyfie in Italy with him!:)Wohoooo!!!Jelly?:) Nah,i'm sure you had pretty nice time with your love ones too eh?

I had jet lag when i'm back.Felt so dizzy in the head.Urghh...Luckily i get another day off the next day.We reached the air port at 3pm and collected our luggage it's already 4pm.My lovely siblings came pick me up and off we go for dinner with parents. Reached home at 7 plus.Dozed off straight on the couch till i heard fire crackers bombing here and there.It reminds me it's Chinese New Year! kept me awake by then.So happy atleast i catched up with friends for lou sang dinner

 My pretty darlingss

Chinese New Year is not over yet.Wishing everyone of you a prosperity new year and may luck and happiness follows you always and forever.Huat arh !!
Till then .To be continued...:)