Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I know right i still have another post about Italy which is still pending.I still haven't receive all the photos yet.So don't think i wanna do it now because i can't wait to share my experience with you during FMFA2013:)Woots!And by the way,do i really look that young with my pony tail?Received comments saying i look like a small girl.@@Even my boyfie said so. Yes or no?I have to admit im not young anymore as age is catching up but at least looking young is a compliment i suppose?:x

So here we are in Sepang International Circuit.First day for FMFA2013.Wheeee!!!:D *excited* jumpjump!!I still missed the fun in Zoukout 2012 which held in Singapore.Since then,i'm in love with rave party.Initially it's my second time for rave and i guess it's something new for me because they are playing TRANCE on the first day!Not a super hardcore trance kaki tho,but i can accept any kind of musics.No music,no life!
Pretty last minute plan this time.Decisions made like two days before?Lucky there's still tickets available.Or else i will sit and cryyyyy T.T That's us above and another two more boys helping with the snappie:)
The boys.All seems so ready to partay!!We reached kinda late tho,due to the traffic and also the parking.It freaks me out to see the cars all lined up at the side of the devider..I was so worried that i need to walk miles.Lolx.Lucky us we found a parking not far from the entrance.Eventually,we missed out the front part but it's okay.Why??Cause somebody just appeared in front of our eyes when we join in the crowd / ^.^ / Just nice..Woohoooo
Ta dah!!!Everybody is cheering for Armin Van Buuren.Guess that's what everyone waiting for.Won't do so much on the talking.Pictures time!! :)
 Me :: Chloe:: Cassie

Say peace

Simon and ma' boy <3 p="">
High,high,high up the skies~~
Photobomed by the black..Gosh..
Bling bling balloons were released in the air...XXpop pop popXX So lovely especially the purple colours..They atcually put the LED inside.

My Chloe babe

Finally a group picture.We left around 1am ish.Totally exhausted after that.Oh yes,we left out Nigel in the picture because he went and get his car.Overall the night was pretty fun especially looking back all the photos.I still have hundreds of photos in my camera but of course only select the pretty ones:)
I didn't go on the second day so don't wait for my day2 post yea:) 
Lastly,selca pic to end the post...c yea..

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