Thursday, July 18, 2013

Delayed post..@@

 Here comes the second post for The bF'S 2nd birthday bash party.This time,we have 5 Aries babies celebrating together.One of the reason why i'm kinda broke during March.Over splurge.:)But since we are in a family,everyone's birthday will come .It's just sooner or later:) The venue were suggested by me again.While searching online for dining places,i came across Teeq!Have you try it?
All my pretty lovely babes with my brithday girl,Chloe the one sitting in the center:)

Cassie babe and i

Please excuse my hungry face as i've waited for the food for almost like half an hour.Is it every fine dining place serve food with low speed?Almost starved to death.LOlx.

This is what i ordered.It tasted sooooooooooooooooooooooo damn gooooooddd!!!!Worth the wait after all.By the way,all my friends feedback about their own food is simply perfecto!Perhaps one day you can try it out yea ??Highly recommended *thumbs up*

 Wheee!!Birthday cupcakes!Isn't it lovely ?I purposely ordered for the 5 of em' but Gena didn't managed to turn up:( Thanks Eileen babe for the help.If you are interested with the cupcakes,you can always log in to Facebook and search for Eileen's bakery.I was pretty lucky the cupcakes are still in good condition because i was in a rush and i need to make sure the cupcakes doesnt fall while im speeding.><
The birthday kaki's and i.After the birthday song,yay!!!it's time to put on our masque!The idea was suggested by the birthfay girl Chloe,the masquerade theme!Obviously we didn't put it on while eating,people might think we are phys co,lolx..

Happy Birthday once again

Till then ...

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