Sunday, July 29, 2012

A game after work

Have you been to the newly opened Setia Mall at Setia Alam?I'm sure everyone of you does yea.I remember during the first day itself,everyone is rushing there to check out the latest mall.Heard of the massive jam,and not all shops are open tho.I've been there twice so far, to me it's just another ordinary shopping mall.Nothing much of difference just that it's more branded shops like Uniqlo,Zara,etc.They had their grand opening the other day.I'm pretty sure all the shops are occupied.Last Thursday we went there again.This time for SUPER BOWL:) I remember i went bowling for once which was like *i've got no idea when was it* and i found it quite fun.Seeing my ball masuk longkang and hey,i did strike it once too okay!!:p...
Newly Open Wangsa Bowl at Setia Mall:)The shoes all are still so new.

 Everyone play macam pro kan??lolx..
I know it's too shy to show but yeah..This is the result for the first round.Paisehnyer!!I manage to get the LAST!!!!lolx...But if you can zoom in for a second,i striked it once again!!:)Ho ho ho!!!Unfortunately after that,my ball keep masuk longkang:( So never get over confident before game is over.Lesson learned.lolx..
 Second round.Slightly improved.Lolx..This time my lil sister got the last.LOLX..I remember we did pretty well during the first time we play.But really got no idea why is it so bad this time.We gonna challenge again soon:)Whee!!!
Bowling is fun!!!Can't wait for the next game:)

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