Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family Day

Today is grandma's brithday ...Had dinner at V Garden.Oh my,why on earth am i feeling so tired...Did facial and went for hair wash with my meow.Guess,this is what happens after being pampered..Time to sleep people...toodles..:p

A random pic of me while waiting for Him.I needa slim down more..sigh..
I love big clothes.Making me feel more comfortable and,and,and,most importantly to hide my fats.keke..


Yenish said...

oMG!! Slim DOwn you Head La!! aiyorh!!!! ALREADY SUPER DUPER SKIINY :p!!! Laterr gonna lose ur boobie leh! :p~ .. skinny women!

aliceBSW said...

Well,not till i show u my fats hottie!!:p