Monday, June 1, 2009

Chill out

This is where we had our dinner today

Kinda unique dining place tho.Read those words
Saw those three ball lamp hanging on top?There are actually seats inside like a room but unfortunately was reserved.
Peter with his Bacon and Cheese burger.Since it was listed donw"Must have!"in the menu so yeah..
He said it was superb but too bad..i don't take beef T.T.But its okay,atleast i still enjoyed my......

Yummy!But wait!Didn't it written crab fat spaghettie?How come turned up to be PRAWNS?!GOTCHA!!@.@

Poor lil Peter waited for me for few hours just to meet up for makan.Hahaha!I owe u big meal yo!

K.o.s.o.n.g!!I'm a big eater yo!AHAHAHAHA.That's why i'm fei poh...
Oh gosh.Are we too greedy or what ??Two main course dishes and here comes PEPPERRONI PIZZA??*both stared at each other*
Hey cmon we thought it was like you know those kind of like thin ones but it happened to be wow!!Okay.So we stuffed everything into out stomach and yeah..

Gambate Alice Boon!!LOL

Played with my pizza.Gosh!!I had a sinful meal:( WUWUWUWU
After dinner,went and catched Terminator.Wow!The newly opened Cinema at Bugis was fantastic.Oh man,those sound effect are like awesome!Loud and clear and the vibration just hit you and it feels like you are in a 3D cinema.Wahaha!Neway,it wasn't that bad.Atleast i didn't fall alseep.You know me.Nyiek nyiek.Almost two hours in the cinema,suddenly it attracted me again.Don't be surprised....HAHA....

There's a big big arcade on the same floor as the cinema.Shall i name it as "money eater machine?"It was my first time throwing money to the machine just to get the Pooh Bear out.Though i've been to arcade many times like Genting or wherever,i'd just visit but never get myself involved as i always feel it's kind of like wasting money ain't it?Neway how many times you needa donate only u will get those stuffs out
But it was too cute to bring back home tho.Guess what,we actually spent about 30sgd on this machine.Lol.Out of 5 times we almost got it 1 time.Arghhh....Nevermind.Peter said there's always next time.Hohoho
Arghh!!!Feel like cubit it.Will get you someday.Nyiek nyiek.
Yerp yerp.I chopped my fringe off but it's FREAKIN HOT lately.Killing me man.Unless if i drive but i'm taking public transport everyday.Is Malaysia the same thing?Why is the sun shinning so fiercely??
I prefer to stay with side fringe.Phew!
It's late.I better catch my beauty sleep first.Pimples popping out.Oyasuminasai..

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