Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Halloween Party2012

Hellow guys,been kinda busy till i need to abandoned my blog for a few days.So much of outings and partays.Now im having a lil sore throat.Hadn't had enough of my beauty sleep and i'm taking too much of spicy and heaty stuffs.*chocolates*=.=.I hope i don't fall sick.:( 
So,here comes the Halloween party bash post.:)Whee!!We went Velvet this year.And fyi,this is my ever first time dressing up for a partay.Not putting on any dramatic make up.Wanted to try but it's pretty too last minute thingy.Luckily i got my black mask on:) 
 The atmosphere was awesome.The moment we reached the entrance,many people were in costume.Makes my party mood turned on.:p

Want some sweet??I love the effect,besides me looking fat here..ishk
That's Nelson
The bf and i.No costumes but formal

 The bois
 Cat woman says ..MEEOOOWW

 Cyndy and i.Thanks to her for organizing this party:)Nice to meet you Spider babe.If you notice the black and yellow dots on her head,it's a giant Spider!!
 Later on.Michelle babe came to our table
 Ive got no idea why i wanna shoot myself.Haha.
 Ted looks scared.
 Mr.Simon the cowbow

 Hellow Mr Magician:)

 Party till 2.30am and i'm started to's time to go back
 The outside crowd

 Cheryl babe came to the same club too.But unfortunately we didn't manage to party together.:( It was too crowded to move around but atleast we manage to get a snap before we say goodbye:)Muacxx

Costume party is fun.If there's such party in future,i will consider to join:)For now,it's only events for me.No more party hard like those days when i was still YOUNG.:( sobsob.I'm not saying clubbing is wrong,just that i'm too old for that.Once in a blue moon,it's fine for me :)
That's all for the horror night.I hope you guys had fun Halloween-ing too!X.O.X.O


Cindy Tong said...

love all the picturesss glad that you have fun that night!!

aliceBSW said...

oh yes!!it was pretty fun...we shall meet up for next costume party:)