Friday, March 18, 2011

New shirt for my page:)

Finally i have dress up my blog.What yea think??Hehe.I spent half of my day cutting,pasting,cropping.etc.Awww..It's time to take a break.I always have this problem in choosing colours as i always fancy dark colours no matter what.Dark blue,dark red,dark orange,anything to do with dark or striking colours i am okay with it.But lately i have change my taste of colours.I prefer more feminine and nude colours for my blog.Light pink,light blue,beige,but i had stick to baby blue as my blog's theme because i am still loyal to BLUE:)
It's almost 7pm now.One more hour to go.Tick tock tick tock.Thought of catching Battle of L.A.Mmmm..
 Just a small reminder.We are reaching 19 of March like real soon.I am pretty sure everyone of you have heard of the news regarding the "Supermoon"which may cause Moonquakes.
And according to Internet buzz, it’ll bring a scary surge in natural disasters around the globe.Well,what's gonna left after this.Japan just stroked by tsunami's and excessive earthquakes.Are They giving hint that 2012 is real?The more i flip through the pictures and viewing the videos,it's really freaking me out.
Cmon,let's get alive and live life to the fullest before life is over.It's too artificial for now and life is short.Happy weekends people.I love you all...cheers...hehe

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