Friday, April 2, 2010

Shake it ma ma

After 4 years,im stepping in Moonwalker dance studio again for shape up class:)Thanks to Ashley for bringing me back the boost to go for it.We were so ready and desperate for the class.Sinful foods really brought us go horizontal.Grrr...And so,we registered and we were stunned for a second after the receptionist told us todays class is Belly Shape Up.How?!I never try belly dancing before.I am requesting for Shape Up class!Ashley looked at me and yeah,off we enter the studio and layed our things down.Everyone is with thier belly belt.Class started and i can hear all the shimmering sound.Cling all the way.:p..Besides the nervous feeling as a beginner,i am enjoying every single beat.Atleast i learned how belly dancing actually like.Class ended with some yoga pilates workout.Woosh!Just love the sweat.Making me feel so energetic and healthy.Was pretty happy that i actually lose a lilttle weight compared to the previous measurement.Yes yes!!Start with my diet plan from now!Whee!!:)

On the other hand,my beloved babe is leaving like real soon:( Gonna miss her much.Approximately 15 years of friendships.That's pretty long!Much appreciated.I hope i could send her off today in the evening.Boohoo..Pammy,you know im gonna miss you much.Do take care and keep in touch always aight?Promise...
Me:My beloved Pamela:Jenny

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