Friday, November 27, 2009

Somebody call 911~~

25th November 2009

It's Ken's big BIg BIG day!!!

Celebrated at Kbox and then again..we sang till like 3am in the morning??
Man trying hard to become the King of the Pop..akakakaka..
Solo while waiting for the rest to come..:)

Room 21.Our VIP room..

This is Cat!!!
Rachael with two sticks..

The RED SALON'S team


Emo emo..hehe

Poser sial..Akkakakakaka..We had a blast especially the ending part.No chance to take pictures cause everyone was too high like as if we were in the club.Thanks to the both dj's*Dj Chefuu and Dj Alice*Nyiek nyiek.Eveything started with ..I Gotta Feeling.My oh my.Engine downed the next day.Needa recharge..Woots!!

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