Friday, July 17, 2009


I am trying to lead a healthy life where no food after 7pm??The sentence"hey,i think you've gained weight"really distract my mind.Argh.But what surprise me was after two weeks of holiday,i came back here and people telling me that i've lose weight.Hey,how on earth can i just lose so much weight just after one night right?Could it be the fact that here i am living now is land of stress??Ho ho ho.But anyway,still i am going to hit the gym at least twice a week and no supper after that.I promise.Nyiek nyiek.

I belive every human being do live with one passion.As for me,i think i am quite satisfied with myself at this age.Even i always discuss about what i wish,what i aim for my future,what's my target,my mummy would always ask me to slow down.I know future you cannot predict,but you can always plan for your future am i right?Nobody is perfect.Not everyone borned genius.I am stepping on every rock and stone to see and learn through the path way.Facing the difficulties,i always never avoid but to take it as a challenge because at the end of the day,what is life without challenge ya?At times i would just sit down and think,am i moving too fast for my age now?I can still enjoy and party from night till dawn,sing and chat like there's no tomorrow,hangover,but no matter what,i am still awake to forward.Argh,i don't wish to waste my teenage life before time gets old and i am sure activities would change.So before i reach that certain age,yea wei,i shouldnt make life so miserable.Eat,sleep,party,sing,dance all i want.Ho ho ho.

Let me tell you what exactly i am looking for.Well,i headed to DoubleO which is one of the club i hit recently and i realised i am not so into it anymore.Was it i found new hobby?Or was it,the embience wasn't there that night.No idea,just imagine i knocked off at 12 plus?Which was like,they just started spinning nice great songs.So i left a bunch of my friends over there and off i balik rumah,had a hot shower and lay on my bed.That time i felt so much comfortable.Going for holiday is my new best friend now.It would be lovely travelling catching new things,learning new culture,seeing different people,hunting nice foods,awww...Totally awesome.Hence travelling is my new best friend,but at the same time it could be my enemy though.Cause after so long working in Singapore here,i would have save some money but my $$$ in my piggy bank always never raise.Why?Work,holiday,work,hoilday.So the $$$ also goes like this.UP and DOWN.UP and DOWN.OhMiGoSH!Haha.Why worry??Ain't life suppose to be this way.So what if you are loaded and you don't even know how to spend it eh??So yeah,my next trip would gonna be so much fun.I hope so.Guess where??Las Vegas!Yerp.I am gonna fly to USA this coming Oct as i am representing Singapore for Goldwell Trend Zoom Color Challenge.It feels like it was a dream receiving the great news but happy enough to say i was awarded as the winner under Creative Colorist category.Am gonna experience the 16 hours flight.T.T.Wt..

Pictures of the day...:)

Liza and i


Guess whose?Hehe
Introducing Ethan.New camwhore partner.Hohoho
Alright people.Gotta chao now.My roomate waiting for me to watch ghost movie.It's been
Good night people...muacx!!


Shermayne said...

hey alice. the last time i saw ya was when u are working at that saloon. plus u had short hair! boy, how long ago was that. anyways, how are ya? studying now eh?

aliceBSW said...

hey doing pretty fine here...well..currently working in singapore are u huh ??u from lethia?