Thursday, May 21, 2009


-phew!!!i passed my colour exams though i did it very last minute preperation like,on that day itself?15 minutes included pre lightening and cutting before the exam start..oh my,what the...lolz...well,at least i passed tho.Promised myself not to repeat shits like that anymore..Wahahaha..

-Finally shifted all my stuffs from old place to my new homie here.You know how tired it is.Well well,every night carry boxes of things for about like 10 minutes walk from old place to my new place?See how life can be without my hubby here with me*baby Altis*I somehow miss him tho:)Needa thank my housemate too for him being so kind to gave me a hand these few nights shifting all my things for me.

-Argh,i can hear my heart beating loudly as i will be getting my model's photo tomorrow morning to send it to Goldwell.Again it's pretty last minute.Thought i won't be joining as finding models are the hardest thing to do.That's what i'm busy about lately.Knocked off pretty late from salon few days back just to get my model's hair done.Doing lots of research on clothing,make ups,colours,poses for photo shooting,Quite fun and challenging but kinda tired tho.So yeah,praying hard everything will be fine.Will i,will i not?We shall see:p

-Hmm,crazyboom has been getting lazy to enter gym lately.Missed twice body combat class but ended up getting herself pampered up with full body massage.Syok.Cmon,i'm freakinh tired dealing with competitions,shifting house,ready for exams,bla bla bla.Wakaru?

-Hehe.I got my "1 litre Tears"Japanese movie series with "ENGLISH" subtitle.After so long hunting for it.

-Did a show with my director Chie San this morning.I was there to help out with braiding and and styling for the models.I thought its gonna be something big on stage or stuffs like that,but its actually a small event for the boutique.It's called Avana loft where they selling pretty dresses,gowns for dinners,jewellerys,they are pretty awesome.I manage to take only a few pictures because my camera jammed half way.More photos are with my director.Will post it up when i get em aight?At the moment enjoy some shots here...:)

Got up pretty early to dress myself up.My new bought dress with combination of my own fashion sense.Hohoho

Back stage
They have make up demos too

I wished to wear em too
The dressing room.Spot me.Hohoho
Our station with my meself and i

The guest

Okay,time to continue with my "1 litre tears".Cheers:)

Oh yeah,remember my promise to you about posting up my new place's picture?Will try to catch nice pic as now luggages everywhere.Wait till everyone finish unpacked only i will take pictures of it.It's in a big mess now.Hahaha.Too shy to show tho:)

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