Sunday, January 11, 2009

Live life cool

Yucks!!How can my favourite ever tasted like the weirdest thing on earth!

It's been a while since i last enjoy mangosteen.That's the reason why i bought it from stall just now.Miss the taste.No idea why does it taste like this.It reminds me the taste of the cough syrup from the clinic which i hated the most.Eww!!I will never ever get this juice nemore.Not anymoreT.T

I'm feeling tired.Slept pretty early last night.As it was written on my previous post,5A.M in da morning.Wooo!I'm feeling tipsy now.Can't think of anything.Blank.Lucky i still manage to present well in salon today.Collected 10Sgd tips from a client this morning.Happy happy!Only a hair wash.I deserved it.This shows how comfortable my shampooing is.Woohooo!!Try it and you will know.Hehe!A lil praise a lil compliment would actually light up ur day.No joke.Sometimes it's pretty hard to communicate with Japanese as you needa actually catch their accent on what they are trying to tell.But of all the words,"VERY GOOD"is what i heard during shampooing the hair.Lol.Not only one,but a few of them.Yeah.Hey my backwash is improving ey!Hnyiek nyiek.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner.Ping ping piang ping ping piang!Can't wait to fly back to green green grass of home~~But still it's been pretty busy in salon lately.Everyone is getting their hair done.What about for myself?Mmmm.

Tomorrow will be another free free day for me.Whee!!I guess i will be hybernating the whole day in my room so i wouldn't always complain to my frenz here that i'm feeling tired tired and tired.It has been everyday i'm complaining.Akakaka.I need to recharge!Ding dong!~

I can't wait to go Japan!!I wanna splurge!!I wanna get my SLR very soon!!I wanna get the whole Japan back!Can't wait can't wait!!

My lovely roomate just rang me up.So kind of her she and her boyfriend is buying me dinner.Heart her to bits.Will be served with satays,chicken wings and hazelnut milk tea with pearls la8er!

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yayaki said...

Hey hey!Since u changed to blogspot I seldom step into ur blog la. Xanga not allow me to link u =( Btw tot u said wan kiam pui?satays, chicken wings ...?sinful -_-"