Saturday, November 15, 2008

No worries

A brand new start.Today was good.Eveything seems to be going swimmingly.Manage to take bus to Orchard.Clever me.*Clap clap*:p.This is when u learn how to be independant.When the world left no one to be there for you,you will stand for yourself to achieve the best that you can.Salon seems super duper busy today.Well,maybe it's a typical weekend,people coming in every half and hour.Lining up for the basins,searching time to get our arse down to fill our stomach,things in mess everywhere.What a hetic day huh?:)So far so good.Thanks to those who concern.Many thanks to those we set up the farewell and Pammy i love your cookies so much.Tears of joy.
Just had a bowl of bird nest that mummy prepared for us.It's time to shut the day down.Tomorrow is my off day.Needa catch some beauty sleep.Woohoo!!Two naughty acnes popping out from my forehead..Arghh!!Help!!


~*StrAwBerRy*~ said...

hey, paiseh ar.. 4got ur name.. anyway, u oso got wrote blog oh.. sama kaki.. hehe

aliceBSW said...

haha..yeah...just that we knew each*shake hand \shake hand*:P

aliceBSW said...
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