Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The gone

In upset mood now.I was freaking happy and got super duper excited when my dad rang me up and told me that baby hamster borned SEVEN babies yesterday.Started to pray hard that this time it works.I so wanna see the process of a baby hamster growing up.Few months back i actually became granny of the hamsters but unfortunately it just doesn't work out.Babies were eaten up by their mummy and daddy.Sadya?!People around telling me that the male has to be separated as it would eat the babies up.And so,my daddy dearest shifted the 7 babies and the female hamster out from the cage.Woke up this morning and off i ran downstairs to see how things coupe up.As what I've expected this time,5 babies were GONE.I don't know.I just feel so uneasy seeing the babies gone but actually was eaten up by the mummy itself.
2 more to go.Bad feelings running inside me the whole day.Thinking will i be seeing the two babies ever again?After work,i headed straight to Kye Li's farewell at Osaka jap restaurant.Talk,chit chat,and not to miss taking picture??Hehe.Was kinda happy seeing all my peeps after so long.Something hit my mind right after that.I needa rush back home to see if the 2 babies are still alive.The moment i stepped into my house,I never see the other cage again.Guess my daddy dearest had cleaned em' up.Just left the daddy and the mummy hamster.Sigh.Was it lack of experience or was it the method of taking care of it was wrong?I wanna know.

Baby pi baby pu,can please never eat your babies up ever again??

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