Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The ruturned

First of all i would like to thanked Telekom Malaysia for activating my house line.Because u know why,no line no Streamyx.That's the point man.Akaka.Now that i can online anytime at anyday,i'm lonely no more.Atleast i can chat when i'm down,i can surf when i'm bored just imagine how cool it is.Yea,maybe i'm superb high for getting Streamyx back but i'm pretty sure atleast it helps to killed away my boredom.
Yup,lets make some updates here.
19th May 2006
Trip to Redang

Woohoo.Took a week off to the beach.Know what,my first time there and we really had a blast i can say.Not much words to say.I shall let pictures do the talking:)

Tired after banana boat

Pei Sze and i



Pei Sze and cheryl

Rushien:Pei Sze:Crazyboom:Cheryl

Ryan:Peng Loon

Together we go through the happiness

Teo Wei the joker


The Beauty of Redang


The lalat gang.mwah:)

Had our lunch before proceed ourselves to the air port.Terengganu Pizza Hut here we come:)

The unforgettable trip.Though it's pretty tired but it left good memories behind.Love you lots people.

Goodbye to you REDANG:)

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