Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bryan's open house

It's been awhile since i last step in into people's new crib.Last week we were invited to Bryan's small lil party at Kepong a place called Manjalala??If i'm not mistaken.Hehe.Nuffing much just chilling and fun-ning around.Yea.Since time doesn't allow us to do much things,photo taking time or course.:)

Kevin:Come lets take pic

Crazyboom:But my camera is dead worh

Kevin:Don't you have a cellphone??

Crazyboom:*she rolled her eyes*Yeah man!C'mon:p

The posers*why people have to be emo*

Oh c'mon lerh.Shy is definitely not in u guys dictionary.lol

Tipsy after the drink??Nyiek nyiek.Loser.lol

Kawaii kai and alice da crazyboom

Say cheese!!~

Chilling is supposed to be fun ain't it?

Getting tired??

Nah..they are just pretending

Bryan and specky

AliceBSW and Kai

The boys

Naughty Bryan.Chiz

Tuan dan Puan rumah

Lurve this effect.Stole it from his account.Whee:)

All of us headed to a mamak nearby afterthat just to minimize down the alcohol inside us.Thanks to me yo!Hey i'm a good game planner wei*wink*

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