Sunday, March 6, 2011

New found talent

I remember when we were little,we used to pour out whatever shit that happen on us,YOU are always the first to give comfort whenever i am down,give a hand whenever i need help,be my listener when i am depress,motivate me when i'm lost,being my efficient adviser,that's because we share the same bed.It's been ages since we last had childish arguments.I guess siblings do fight and argue for no reasons tho.That's what kids are.:)Guess we were all grown up.We both are more like best friends than sisters.Till today,the string that tied among us are still strong.I used to remember and i'm very clear of who You are.A shy and humble person,very careful in making decisions,easy going(no comment at times).That's when You face the outside world.To me,you are one of my best companion on earth i could say.Someone that i realized You actually make a change for yourself.Willing to expose yourself into the reality,that's who You are my lil sister.You did a great job a minute ago.We were so proud of you.Tho it was just a warm up before you stand yourself on that stage,you made all of us so proud of you.From a person who won't and never hold a mic in hand,you are leading yourself now to your dreams.I know it's not a easy thing to do,but no matter what,all of us are here to give in the fullest support my lil sis.From thousands of people,you should be thankful enough that you were already selected in the top 12.

I swear,if you manage to get into top 5,i am gonna book buses to drive all your fans to scream their lungs out for yea on that day.Teehee..:)

The innocent her a year

Lil sis and i:)
She is offended by my crazinesssss...lolx
Wooops..she is gonna kill me for uploading our ugly pics..hohoho


                                         Her great achievement she got it recently:)
I so proud of you lil sis:)
Here she is.Standing firmly fourth from the right.

To all her fans and supporters out there,stay tune at 8TV every Sunday 8.30pm yea.Whether she can make it for the final is not the important one.It's about the whole journey that she's going tru.The main thing is that she will do her best and all we can do is continuing support her :)Thank You so much for your supports yea...X.O.X.O

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