Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I so wanna blog about the salon but i haven't had the time to post about it.That's how bad it is .t.t..June is here.The first month of the war.Two weeks just past ever since it started.Things went kinda well tho.It really keep me as busy as a bee to get everything sattled down.Phew!Atleast i get to breathe now.*Inhale~exhale*
I went disappear lately.Only from my blog..I am still alive no worries:)Just that i need more time to do more of my own personal stuffs.Like maybe blogging,for facial,for spa,manicure,pedicure,or maybe shopping...Aww...So much to do,so little time.This is what people always call it freedom.Especially when comes to have own business to deal with,you are known as a prisoner.I am not trying to make it sounds bad but yeah..this is what i feel right now.LOL.Everyday is just running and planning's only two weeks and i am hunting and looking forward for a trip.Anyone ??HOHO
Charmaine just drop by to share with me about her newly bought bag.Aww..i just cant wait to have mine.Lovely pink and the white.Pink is already in my fav list but i am still thinking which should i get..the white or the navy...mmm...
On the other hand,i am going out with Hui Shan babe later.She's is bringing me for ice kacang.Hohoho!!Really testing my patient now.It's been awhile since i last had nice ice kacang.
Awwww...i really miss my Cheryl babe!!!Everyone seems busy..Or was it me ??

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