Friday, October 24, 2008

Ladies Night

"Hey Alice,are you joining tonight??"

"Malas lerh.See how later aight?"*continue sleeping*

*Cellphone vibrates*


"Hey,tonight going MOS yea?You joining or not?"

"No idea.Why huh??"

"No lerh,just see if yea coming along"

"Allah,how huh??"

"Up to you loh.Let me know if yea wanna join k?"

*HO HO HO!!Here comes the devil side of alice*

"K lerh.On lerh!!"

"Huh??Are you sure??"

"LET'S GO!!"

"Sure.Will pick you up later then"

Welcome back to Euphoria


Kevin Teoh and i

Xing Xing and idea

Jordan and Kevin

The crowd

I felt in lurve with the DJ~Dj

Tai lou pis.Hehe


Work hard,play harder

Peace to da world

Everybody in da club getting tipsy~Wooshh~~

Together we stand to hold a pair of..???Sciccors..nyiek nyiek

There's still another group of friends but no idea where they have went.So yeah.:p
Reached homie at 5am in da morning.Gosh!!Just imagine my lil sister beside me gonna get ready for her school and im just putting my pyjamas on ready to go to bed.Wakakaka
Movie tonight??Maybe because im not into High School Musical3 so yeah,i won't be joining the two groups.
Chiong k tonight.Woohoo!!I've been abandoned this group of monkeys since i don't know..ages ago.Well,when things started to get busy,gathering is a must.I don't wanna lose you guys one by one.
Till then...CHeerSsss!!:)

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