Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back to school??

yo yo yo!~hows life people?Ya.i always play disappearance but i always have a reason behind.Ever since i shifted to my new homie,no more online for me.My days are no longer colourful.Work,got back home,shower and off to bed.Wu wu wu:.( Never contented with such life before.Nevermind.Telekom is doing thier job now.Will get Streamyx soon.And i mean soon.Yippe!
Got up pretty early today.Guess what,due to SLDN,i needa get my arse up on Wednesday to attend the class.Couldn't recall back when was my last time i actually write.Nyiek nyiek.2 hours class and it's like twice a month??Lucky me it's not fixed every week.Will take my life off because it has to be completed two years.Sob sob.Today is the first class i attended and everything's fine.Lucky my eyes stayed open throughout the class.Guess because i dozed off early last night.:)
Currently at cyber cafe now.Today is my off day and i've got nothing to do but to lepak at Tenze Bukit Tinggi here.Since i'm waiting for the clock to struck 7.30pm for my hip hop class,i'm taking this opportunity to sit at CC here to clear up the dust on my blog.Hehe.
I've tried to call up Maxis few days back to check out about the latest broadband which i feel so much convenient so that i don't need to wait for the bugger Streamyx but sadly it turned up to be a disappointment.According to them there's no couverage for my new housing area there so far.So no choice but have to wait.Sad sad sad.Why am i so desperate to get a new sets of desktop?Now that i have it in my room already but couldn't online.What the...:)

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