Thursday, July 19, 2007

A New Start

Finally i get my things sattled down.With my templates done,photo posted up,the settings,the editor,everything.Except for the link thingy.Special thanks to Mr Wei Jian whom guided me so much on this.Hahaha!I tell you,he even feel like stranggling me when i asked him questions last night.He said why is it so difficult to use blogspot?Blogspot is the easiest to use compared to you know Xanga and etc.Even a old grandmother can manage to use it.Wahahaha.Hello,don't compare okay.Sometimes when things gets a lil complicated we still needa ask people right or not??Nyiek nyiek.

Now what's up lately?I've been disappeared for sometime if you used to read my blog in Xanga.It's been awhile since i last update my blog.Now that i'm back,I'm with Blogspot now.Teehee.Well,if you don't give me satisfaction means,i'm gonna leave you.That's it.Nothing big actually,i just find difficulties in uploading the pictures.It's so hard to deal with it i don't know why.I've been trying to post up pictures but it just doesn't pop out.It's not just once,i've tried numerous times untill i get fedup with it.So,that's why i'm here today.:) I hope everything go swimmingly here.I pray i pray i pray pray pray.

On the other hand,the crocoaches are attacking my house's toilet.Grrr,i've got no idea where on earth all this crocoaches come from.It's like all of a sudden it came out so many.You can see it in many sizes.Gosh.I guess they are one family.Ah kong,ah ma,grandson,grangdaughter,bah!~According to my cousin he said the toilet's door must left open.Orelse sure another gang comes in which is very true.Maybe because due to the rainy days.Well,anyway,malas wanna clean my house now.Because you know why??I'm shifting very soon.Ermm,in two weeks time??Yippe!~Mummy is so busy with her thing.Getting the kitchen cabinets done,buying lights for the ceiling,small littles things to be renouvated,so that we can move in soon after everything done.I can't wait to sleep on my new comfy bed.Woohoo!

I'm feeding myself with too much food lately.Really.I'm starting to feel guilty already.My stomach is bloating,my face getting chubby and chubbier.Everyone,my lady boss,the staffs,my boss,all said i had gained weight.I don't wanna turn into balloon.:( Okay,a promised to myself.No more eating starting from today.I was thinking of taking another shape up class so that i can slim down even faster?I already had hip hop class for myself.Should i go for another extra class??

A friend of mine whom i know from A Cut Above's academy,met in an accident and passed away recently.That night after receiving the news,12 of us went all the way from Klang to Malacca to attend the funeral.Heart aches badly when i saw his handsome face.He is good.I never know he will leave us that fast.For your information,he is only 19.So don't you feel it's kinda early to leave?Well,maybe it's just fated.So my advice to you guys,make sure you guys be more careful on the road.We can't predict what happened next yea?

Okay,something exciting??Yes.Our hair show is just around the corner.This Sunday,8 to 10pm at Hong Kong Central Klang.Just behind Klang Parade we are doing our hair show there.Anyone interested feel free to join in kay?It's f.o.c for entrance.I hope it's gonna be a blast.

Wokie dokie.That's all for now.Haveta get ready for work soon.Again,promise for today.No food,only fruits.:) *selamat berpuasa yo!~*

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