Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And so,that's it for the second batch of hair show.Times flies.After few weeks of preperation for the show,it ended up succesfully.Yippe!~Everyone is working in a team.Haveta thank the models for the sacrifice.Anyway,they are all happy working together with us.Hopefully they will be back with us when it's time for the third batch of hair show.Hehe!~Coming soon!~:)
Well,i shall not put in too many words for this entry.Let the pictures do the talking yea?~Enjoy people....

Representing the 2nd batch of hair show 2007

Avier doing the models hair

The models

Ah fong the first stylist to be on the stage
Here comes Sterz the second one

Avier*the young and the creative*


Daddy and me

I'm bringing sexay back

Broda's for life
That's all for 22.07.2007
Last Sunday was Irene's wedding day.Will post about it soon aight?Many pictures to be put up.Sabar people.Sabar:)

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